No Regret to Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 Inch

This Galaxy Tab is very snappy, great screen, it comes preloaded with ICS on it. Try to play the life demo from the movies app to see how clear and crisp the display is. This device is so fast when you sync to your Google account. For $250 this is a great deal.

The google navigation on this device worked perfect, but you will need wifi connection to get a direction. If you don’t have wifi you can still use GPS, it does lock on fast. If you used an offline GPS program like navigon or something that would do the trick, but YES gps is accurate and fast. However when you put a few games on to test it, you will get the device is good and no lag.

This Galaxy Tab comes with stock ICS keyboard and it works well, if you start typing fast there is a tiny lag between hearing the click of the feedback and seeing the character appear, however all letters make it without any vanishing.

If you intend to see full features, specs or just purchase this Galaxy Tab 2 7-Inch then click here.

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