MacBook MD101LL/A Runs Very Fast with Low Heat

Apple Build quality seriously to this MacBook Pro MD101LL/A, you can’t beat a unibody construction. While other laptops creak when you pick them up due to the various plastic components screwed together, the Macbook feels firm. Only the lid would slightly creak when you closed it. Running waxed dental floss through the hinges solved this.

This MacBook has an extra large trackpad is heavenly to use. Having the whole trackpad function as a giant button is a lot more comfortable to use. Plus two finger clicking as a replacement for the right click button is surprisingly intuitive. The keyboard keys are well spaced and the led backlighting is very cool.

Regularly you will get around 6 hours from the battery. Everything runs fast and animations are fluid. Where the multi touch features, which again is something you would need. It took you a little time to get used to using finder after being accustomed to windows explorer.

When you install Windows 7 to this MacBook through bootcamp, it boots natively from the hard drive, it runs just as smoothly as any other Windows laptop. The Intel Chipset is the same used in any other laptop and thus Windows runs just the same with the proper drivers installed.

Its Intel Core i5 runs very fast with minimal heat. The Intel Graphics 4000 is more than adequate for most applications. You could run Portal 2 on maximum graphics settings and play 1080p video without it breaking a sweat. The fan almost never revs up to an audible level. This is in part to the aluminum body being a giant heat sink. The MacBook’s body can get warm at times. But it is never uncomfortably warm when you compare to another laptop.

If you intend to see full features, specs or just purchase this Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A then click here.


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