I Love Samsung Series 9 NP900X4C-A03US

More and more, computer marketing is all about mass market appeal and has moved away from technical specs, but technical specs DO still matter, ESPECIALLY in ultrabooks, which thanks to improved Intel graphics in Ivy Bridge are right on the cusp of being able to play modern games (albeit at lower settings). Nobody cares about paying more for 10-15% extra performance on desktops anymore, but that can make a huge difference in an ultrabook if you suddenly get the urge to use it like a real computer, and is worth a premium IMO. And the specs on this Series 9 model A03 should ensure such a performance advantage over most other ultrabooks on the market.

This model of the Series 9, the NP900X4C-A03US, simply has it all:

* 256GB SSD (most models have either a hybrid SSD/HDD, or only 128GB SSD)
* 8GB RAM (the number of ultrabooks on the market offering options with >4GB is woefully small).
* Decent screen resolution of 1600×900 that’s a nice fit for a 15″ screen.
* Core i7 CPU

I think most people can grasp the benefits of the first 3 items (which are clearly significant and may be enough to pay extra for just the bigger SSD and RAM alone), but there are significant benefits of the i7-3517U processor that’s offered in this model, over the i5-3317U that’s offered in the lower-end A01 and A02 models (and most other ultrabooks).


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