Sony PlayStation Vita Handheld Gaming

The Sony PlayStation Vita is like the best canvas, paintbrushes, and paint that you’ve ever seen or heard of. The foundation of this handheld is amazing, but only time will tell if the painting is magnificent.

What to expect from the Sony PlayStation Vita:

The Good:
– Incredible hardware. I can’t even begin to express how much care and attention this handheld received from Sony during development. Everything from the internal hardware, shape, features, and design screams brilliance.
– Great operating system. It functions well, is intuitive, and looks fantastic.
– Great launch line-up. Nearly all bases were covered by the launch library with Hot Shots Golf, Uncharted, Lumines, Rayman, and more garnering quality reception.

The Bad:
– Memory cards are overpriced. There is no way around it, the proprietary story on the Sony PlayStation Vita is insanely expensive. In Sony’s defense, the PSP was pirated to extinction so some level of defense was needed. I just wish that didn’t mean you had to pay $100 for 32GB of storage.
– Initial sales. Developer support is everything in this industry, and bad vs good sales can mean the difference between an Atari Jaguar and a Super NES.

My experience is limited since the device is still less than a month old, but my time with the Sony PlayStation Vita has been nothing but great. There’s something to be said about having a handheld that can produce near PS3 quality graphics in the palm of your hand. There are quite a few of promising games in the pipeline, and the addition of Remote Play for PS3 titles could have a profound impact. For now, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and have no problem recommending it to just about anyone.


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